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Member Levels

There are two member level choices: Basic and Complete. While both include the core protections and service of DocuBank, some optional benefits are available to Complete level members only.

Basic Membership features include:

  • Your DocuBank Card
    The DocuBank emergency card gives instant access to the information doctors need in a medical emergency. Your card can list critical allergies, medical conditions and your primary emergency contact.

  • Your Basic DocuBank SAFE
    SAFE offers you the option of storing and sharing additional documents online. Your full estate plan and insurance information can be stored in SAFE Basic as pdf files. Basic SAFE  has limited file types and space. 

  • Unlimited Updates and Document replacements
    Active members can update essential information and documents at no additional charge at any time. Call in to a live customer support person or go online to update your information.

In addition to all Basic benefits Complete members also enjoy:

  • Medication List 
    You can share your medications instantly with doctors when your card is used. You can key in, or upload, your complete medication list to keep it up to date and accesssible. 

  • Alerts for Your Contacts 
    Your emergency contacts can receive an email alert when your card is used. Your emergency contacts will receive an email giving them the info they need to contact the requesting facility directly.

  • My Medical Snapshot
    Organize your medical life and make it available with your Emergency Card.  Add expanded allergy and medical information, family and hospitalization history, additional care providers, and more. Completing Medical Snapshot now may save you time and stress at the hospital later.


Complete SAFE
SAFE Complete includes share and legacy features that allow you to share your files and your account with those you love. SAFE Complete also includes many more file types and a greater storage size.

If you have any of these additional features activated you will have to renew Complete.


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