Wisconsin Public Radio Airing 5-part Series on Death

By: Randi Siegel

Over the next few weeks, Wisconsin Public Radio, a branch of NPR, will be hosting a five-part series on death on their program, To the Best of Our Knowledge. Each part will focus on one aspect of how Americans deal with death. The parts are, in order of when they will air:

  • The Reckoning - how to start discussions about death
  • Exit Plan - the tolls of end of life care and ways to ease the experience
  • The Last Moment - discussing near-death experiences and the ability of modern medicine to bring people back from brain death
  • The Wake - how we deal with and experience grief
  • After Life - mortality and remembrance and how these topics are affected in the digital age

The series began this past Sunday, November 9, and will continue for the next four Sundays. If you miss the live broadcasts, you can listen to all parts of the program here.

November 10, 2014 | Advance Care Planning News