Don't Take Our Word For It

By: Tiffany Brown

I was recently in Orlando visiting with a group of attorneys I hadn’t seen in several years. It’s amazing how having kids will cut in to your travel time. It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some of our partner firms for the first time face to face. And I had an opportunity to present information on our new services and features, and talk about our new video. It was quick, easy and well received. Just like all good presentations should be.

And then the floor was opened up to questions. An attorney who has been registering clients in our service for more than a decade stood up to share his “DocuBank Story”. He used his wife’s personal DocuBank card at the last conference because she fell ill just as the conference was ending. They were in Tucson. They live in Virginia. His testimonial was glowing and sweet, and he held his personal card aloft with pride and encouraged his colleagues to make sure they carried their DocuBank cards as well. And, without prompting, more than half the attorneys in the room reached into their wallets and pulled out their personal DocuBank cards. It was one of those fun moments that reconfirmed for me that what we do on a daily basis is important. Not just to the attorney’s clients we support, but also for the attorneys themselves.

 If you are a providing attorney, I strongly encourage you to enroll yourself and your staff, with our compliments (we want to make sure that you are protected too). And if you have questions about DocuBank and would like to hear from a colleague, contact us; we have a number of firms who have volunteered to act as resources for interested firms. As you know, referrals are priceless. And we are very lucky to have partner firms who will happily refer to us.

October 18, 2013 | DocuBank