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DocuBank SAFE

Better SAFE than Sorry.

The Emergency Card makes sure that emergency information and healthcare directives are always available, but what about the other important documents?

DocuBank SAFE is the answer to that question.  Every new DocuBank membership includes 2GB of SAFE file storage, which can be used to store your important electronic documents (many file types included).  SAFE  is for the documents that should NOT be available via the DocuBank Emergency Card.  SAFE documents are accessed only through the online SAFE section of each individual DocuBank membership using an encrypted password.

With SAFE, members have quick and easy access to all the files they would like to store electronically, including 

  • Estate Planning Documents 
  • Financial Documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • And More!

SAFEly Shared

SAFE includes the ability to create sub-accounts for family and friends.  These SAFEShare users have limited access to the SAFE account and can view only those documents you elect to share.  SAFEShare Users will receive a welcome email as soon as you set them up from the SAFE site and this email will give them the information they need to access and view the documents you select.

Additionally, you can elect one Digital Executor.  This individual will be the person to inherit full access of your SAFE account upon verified proof of death.  Your Digital Executor will also have SAFEShare User access to the account as soon as you set them up and will receive an email explaining their role and giving them the information they need to access the account.

SAFEty Made Simple and Secure.

SAFE is high tech and low effort.  The documents in each member's personal SAFE are privately stored using Triple DES and SSL encryption -- the standards that most online banks follow.  Adding a file to SAFE is as simple as opening the file on a personal computer and clicking a button to upload it to your SAFE.

The SAFE Choice.

Using SAFE is optional.  In order for a member to enjoy SAFE, they must create a secure, second level of password protection.  If you think online access to personal documents is important, you can elect to activate your personal SAFE once you have logged in to  The choice is there.  That's SAFE.


Already a DocuBank member?  Simply log in to your personal account and click the My DocuBank SAFE tab on the lower left-hand corner of your member screen.  This will take you through the steps of creating your secure SAFE password.  Once your password is established, you can begin adding files.

If you are not a DocuBank member and would like to join, click here to complete the DocuBank application. You can contact us at 866-829-0993 to find an estate planning attorney in your area that provides DocuBank. 

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