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Member Stories

93% of members surveyed were pleased or very pleased that they received a DocuBank membership as part of their estate plan.

98% of members who have obtained their documents while hospitalized feel that DocuBank is a superior way to organize and access their documents compared to other options, including storage with family members.

What DocuBank Members Have To Say:

"I appreciated having this card so I didn't have to take time away from my husband to get the papers. Thank you."

"Fourteen pages were faxed to the hospital in a VERY short time and are now in my wife's medical record."

"We love you and your service. We have had to use it three times for my husband Laurence. It was so helpful. . . it is great to know you are there for us."

"I have a medical background and know the importance (of this service). Keep up the good work!"

"It made my admission easier . . . [I] didn't have to carry those documents."

"I enjoy the peace of mind that one call will take care of a health care emergency."

"It's good to know that my wishes will be carried out -- when I am not capable of voicing them."

"[A] good idea, since we travel a lot."

"[I am] confident that information needed will be available."

"The DocuBank® membership gives me a secure feeling should we have to go to the hospital."

"I appreciated getting this extra perk. It makes me feel confident that my wishes will be honored."

"I used it when I went to the emergency room. I feel very comfortable now that I have it. It gave me peace of mind."

"It's a great idea!"

"It makes me feel that my wishes will be heeded."

"It helps make you more secure if something should happen."

"It puts us at ease when traveling."

"Nice to have - hope never to use."

"(I am) very pleased, I carry enough documents on trips."

"Glad to have it."

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