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Hospital Testimonials

These quotes are from hospitals and health care centers that have used patients' DocuBank cards to obtain critical medical information.

"Very handy - a great system. As I was hanging up, it (the fax machine) was ringing. That was great."   -Health Care Center, Monterey, CA

"This is an excellent service. It's perfect for those of us who work on the weekend. The documents are so hard to get off-hours."    
-Care Center, Peoria, IL

". . . I called at 6 in the morning and I got the documents right away. It was great! It's the slickest thing I've ever seen."    -Hospital, Omaha, NE

"The best idea ever - I love it. I didn't have to wait like I normally do for these docs."
     -Nursing Center, Sarasota, FL

"It was so fast - I was hanging up and it was ringing already. This is the coolest thing!"
     -Social Worker, Hempstead, NY

 "We think it is wonderful. Speedy way of doing it. Made my job and her admission here so much easier."   -Medical Center, Brea,CA

"It would be nice if all patients carried one with them."    -Hospital, San Diego, CA

"I was so impressed. It is such a slick system - I've been bragging about it ever since!"
     -Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, Omaha, NE

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