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How Does DocuBank Work For You?

Your DocuBank Emergency Card provides instant access to any, or all, of the following healthcare documents via fax or internet:

  • Advance Directives
    (Living Will/Healthare Proxy)
  • HIPAA Release
  • Organ Donation Form
  • Allergies & Medical Conditions
  • Medication List
  • Medical Snapshot
  • And More!

Once you enroll (see How You Join), DocuBank your advance medical directives are stored for access and you will receive your personalized DocuBank Emergency Card. Carry this card in your wallet in front of your driver's license so that it can be found in an emergency.

The wallet card displays:

  • Allergies
  • Medical Conditions
  • Additional Note line for health information
  • Indication of medication list on file
  • The name and contact phone numbers of a primary emergency contact

Along with the information that is displayed on the card, DocuBank also provides additional emergency information to the hospital whenever your documents are requested. This information can include:

  • A highlight of your critical medical information (with My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT)
  • A list of medications with medication and dosage info
  • The names and contact numbers for two additional contacts
  • The name and contact number for your primary doctor
  • An additional line of information for hospital use

You, your doctor, or a family member can go to any time, day or night to obtain your directives. A copy of your documents, along with all the additional information on file, will be transmitted anywhere in the world. 24/7/365.

DocuBank memberships also include SAFE.  SAFE is an online access system for additional documents you'd like to have accessed. Once you have logged in to your personal DocuBank membership you will be able to create an encrypted password for your personal SAFE.  SAFE is an optional service and is included at no additional charge.

Once you have created your encrypted password you will be able to begin uploading those personal files and pictures you would like online access to.   The documents and files stored in your SAFE will NOT be accessed by the Emergency Card.

*DocuBank Complete memberships include access to a list of your current medications, a highlight of your critical medical information, and optional alerts for your emergency contacts, along with your documents whenever they are requested.

DocuBank is a registered trademark of Advance Choice, Inc.