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State Registry

DocuBank members' advance directives can be obtained from anywhere in the U.S. and around the world. We have processed requests from as nearby as Philadelphia and as far away as Bangladesh. The DocuBank service itself has no boundaries; if there is a fax machine, we can get the directives there. Our members reside in all 50 states and internationally, as well.

Several states have recently instituted, or are in the process of instituting, state-sponsored registries for advance directives. DocuBank encourages the development of government policies at all levels that help to make citizens' important advance directive documents available immediately to medical professionals when they are needed.

DocuBank® offers outsourcing services for states wishing to outsource the operation of their registry initiative. If you are a federal, state or local official and would like more information about how DocuBank can assist your government with its specific needs, please contact us: or call 610-667-3524.

DocuBank is a registered trademark of Advance Choice, Inc.