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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Financial Professionals Ask About DocuBank

Why should I provide DocuBank to my clients?
  • Build your clients' confidence that you have planned for every contingency, including how to protect their healthcare wishes by providing them with a way to obtain their advance directives in a medical emergency.
  • DocuBank is important for your clients. Of all legal documents, only advance directives may be needed quickly for life and death decisions. But when needed in hospitals, advance directives are not available in 74% of cases. Demonstrate that you are concerned about your clients' well-being, and build long lasting relationships.
  • Stand apart from local colleagues by providing an inexpensive value-added gift that provides a higher level of client service.
  • Benefit from the ongoing marketing benefits that DocuBank provides for you. Annual letters remind clients that you provided the service and encourages them to contact you if their financial situation has changed.


How does DocuBank work?
  • Your clients carry their DocuBank Emergency Card in their wallets.
  • Hospitals obtain clients' living wills (and/or other advance directives) to the hospital within minutes of hospitalization, anytime, day or night, anywhere in the world.
  • DocuBank also provides the hospital with the names and telephone numbers of three emergency contacts, the name and contact information of a primary physician and important medical allergies and conditions. Clients can also opt to add a medication list to the documents that DocuBank makes available to hospitals.


How do I enroll my clients?
  • Complete an Financial Professional Application. (see the link on the left).
  • Your DocuBank Firm  Representative will follow up to answer any questions.
  • Talk to your clients about the benefits of DocuBank and have them sign the enrollment form and provide copies of their healthcare directives.
  • Mail the enrollment form, a copy of all advance directives (living will, health care power of attorney, HIPAA release or other advance directives) along with payment. You can also submit via fax or email.


How do I bill for DocuBank services?
  • As an financial professional, you are eligible for a discount on DocuBank fees. Please ask us about other discounts for which you may be eligible. You have several billing options from which to choose:

    A Value-Added Client Gift
    Most professionals choose to build the DocuBank fee into the "lump sum" fee for the services offered. In this program, your clients receive their Docubank membership, whether for one year or five years, as a gift from you as part of their plan.

    A Discounted Offer
    You can bill your clients directly for the DocuBank fee, offering them your discounted rate.

    A Revenue Generator

    The true benefit of providing DocuBank for your clients will not be in the fees you make at the front end of a membership. The benefits you see will be in the marketing and relationship building for long-term client relationships. However, you can choose to bill your clients a rate that is somewhere between your discounted rate and the published retail rates. This way your clients still benefit from a discount and you make a modest “administrative fee” for the service. 

    With each of these approaches, unless you participate in an annual client continuation program,  DocuBank will contact your client directly to renew their membership at the end of the initial membership period. 


What if my client does not have a living will?
  • This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with a local attorney! Contact us if you would like names of Estate Planning attorneys in your area who are affiliated with DocuBank. Your Firm Representative can help you with this opportunity.



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