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How to Join

Complete the enrollment form below. Once your membership has been processed you will receive a confirmation email.  PLEASE REFERENCE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER ON YOUR DOCUMENTS.

To submit your documents:

EMAIL the information as .pdf attachments to:
FAX the information to: 610-667-1483
MAIL the information to:  DocuBank, PO Box 629, Springfield, PA 19064

Red fields are required.
Orange fields are strongly suggested.

A. Personal Information:
I request that you share my personal contact information with the Human Rights Campaign so they may contact me.
B. Emergency Contacts: (Optional)

The names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts and physician will be provided to hospital staff when your documents are requested. If your living will, health care power of attorney, or other advance directive names people to make decisions for you, please list up to three of them here in the same order. If no one is listed in your documents, you may choose up to three people as emergency contacts and list them here.

Contact 1

Contact 2

Contact 3

Primary Care Physician

Permanent medical condtions to appear on the front of the card:

C. Service Selection: Please select one option
One Year, $45 $25 (Special HRC Rate)
Five Years, $145 $95 (Special HRC Rate)

Please note: Each member must complete a separate enrollment form.

D. Method of Payment

We will contact you for your credit card information. Please call 866-829-0993 if you have any questions.

E. Membership Source:

Name of professional organization or individual referring you (if applicable).*

*If you are enrolling without the help of an attorney or advisor, and would like to find one, visit our Attorney/Advisor Finder. We'll contact you with the names of LGBT-friendly professionals who register their clients in DocuBank.

F. Donation Allocation

A portion of your DocuBank registration fee will be donated to HRC.

G. Member Statement:

I have completed an advance directive document(s) (e.g. living will, health care power of attorney, HIPAA authorization, and/or organ donation information) of my own free will and have chosen to enroll in DocuBank to help make my document(s) available when requested. To ensure prompt access, I authorize that my document(s), emergency contact and health information stored with DocuBank be accessible to anyone who provides the member number and PIN on my card. I will notify DocuBank promptly of changes in any of my stored information, and also of the revocation or replacement of my document(s). I understand that DocuBank is not responsible for the validity or accuracy of any information stored by DocuBank, including the health information that also appears on my card. I understand that: by accepting my card I have verified and confirmed the accuracy of all information on the card before carrying it; by providing a fax number for my physician, I am granting DocuBank permission to fax an enrollment notification enabling this physician to obtain my directives; that DocuBank does not provide legal advice; and that I may cancel this service in writing by written request to DocuBank.

I agree to the terms above.
DocuBank is a registered trademark of Advance Choice, Inc.