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About Minors Matter


The Minors Matter service is designed to support parents by providing information for the non-parent caregivers of young children.  The wallet cards should be distributed to those caregivers who most often provide care for your child. 

Good examples of these people are:
* Babysitter * Nanny * Grandparent * Neighbor * Family & Friends *

How Minors Matter Works for Your Child’s Caregiver

1.    Critical Information on the Card

The front of the Minors Matter card lists critical medical allergies and conditions as well as the name and phone number of the child’s pediatrician.  This information can be critical in a medical emergency.

2. Immediate Access to Releases & Information*

The back of the Minors Matter card provides clear instructions for retrieving the critical information on file for them.  When the information is requested via the web or by phone the requestor will receive any and all pages on file for their reference, and DocuBank will follow up to ensure all pages were received.

How Minors Matter Keeps you Informed

You will receive an alert whenever your child’s information is requested.  The alert will include a phone number for the facility or person requesting the information so that you can follow up immediately.  Alerts are sent to the primary emergency contact on file.

*Information on file for your child can include: medical allergies and conditions, the name and phone number of their pediatrician, a complete Additional Information Form which includes health insurance information, an immunization record, a medication list, temporary guardianship form, parental consent for medical treatment, and more.  Updating and adding forms is free.

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